Why Match.com Is Recommended Over Eharmony

With millions members on each site, both of these websites are highly popular. Going by the claims made by each site it can be very difficult to determine which site is better. Despite many similarities there are ways to help us determine which one is better.

Search Options 

Both sites have a different set of rules to regulate their memberships. On eharmony members are not allowed to contact or socialize with each other directly. They use their own dating algorithm that enables them to match people who share certain things in common. On the other hand match.com allows its members to mingle and interact freely.

Match.com definitely provides an advantage on this ground. People generally like making choices for themselves. At 15.5million and 21.5 million members respectively both eharmony and match.com have a deep pool of possibilities to choose from.

Choosing your dates

Another advantage of match.com is that it gives you the option of deciding which dates you prefer to go on. You may opt for casual, long-term or other forms of dating. Eharmony on the other hand only sets you up on dates that lead to long-term relationships. This of course follows the assumption that your date will be the perfect one. Realistically most dates do not lead to long-term relationships.

Membership fees

When membership fees are factored in,match.com is more affordable for the short term. For about $37.99 you get the basic membership plan. It is cheaper to get the monthly option which is about $23,99 for three months and$ 17,99 for 12 months. Eharmony on the other hand charges $59,99 for the basic and $19.99 a month for 3 months. You pay $10,95 a month for 12 months. Apart from communication permissions, match.com is also more advantageous for short-term users. Don’t forget that you can also use our Match.com promo code or visit this site to save on membership fees. If you do not wish to pay for the membership or if you want to try the service before becoming paid member then best option is free trial. With the free trial, you get to try the service for 3 days and if you don’t like the match.com dating site then you can cancel the free trial and don’t need to pay. If you continue to use after 3rd day then you will be charged with the regular membership fee.

User Reviews

In their advertisement campaigns, eharmony always asserts itself as superior when it comes to matching couples that eventually get married. They also lay claim to have bring out the most enduring marriages and most satisfied marriages due to their services. These claims for the most part are unverifiable.

This is because the company has failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their assertions. It is very difficult to estimate the exact number of people that get married due to their services. Although eharmony has had some positive feedback in match making, match.com has been more successful.

According to eHarmony reviews it is also not easy to cancel your subscription from the eharmony service. After trying to cancel several times, the staff insisted that she did not do it properly. Upon asking the staff to do the cancellation and send a confirmation e-mail, the user still had charges on her credit. It was only after complaining bitterly that she had a 50% refund. Although billing irregularities have been reported on match.com too, they’re not as many as on eharmony.

Another user on eharmony complained that the company didn’t really take time to screen for information from the users for authenticity. In addition, they did not use the scientific strategies that they so love to talk about. This resulted in the user getting no dates in a three month period.

Variety to Choose From

Match.com offers you a lot of fun while you try to get a suitable date for yourself. You get hundreds of profiles to browse and select from. If you prefer the hands on approach of finding a date then match.com will give you the satisfaction of doing so.

Creating your Profile

Match.com provides an easier option of creating a profile. You get to answer fewer questions on your interests and descriptions. Eharmony on the other hand has 29 dimensions and character traits to fill in. The whole process of sifting through your feelings and musing thoughts seems more like an analysis of your soul. Match.com on the other hand is more direct and forthright with more room for facts and direct opinions.

If you are into diversity when it comes to dating then match.com offers you added advantages. The service is available in 24 countries and in 15 languages. Currently the eharmony service is only available in the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK. This only proves that match.com has more experience in the dating field. So your accessibility to more potential mates is guaranteed.

Conducive dating atmosphere 

Match provides a conducive atmosphere for getting dates. They have frequent live events that enhance the chances of singles getting to meet one another.

Both dating services have similar features created to enhance user experience. All have different methods of contacting potential partners. Users can choose to send messages, use icebreakers or winks. Because match is more interaction friendly, these features are a compliment to its functionality.

Functionality of the sites

As far as functionality is concerned, eharmony performs poorly. There have been numerous complaints of users getting matched to people they have little or nothing in common with. For a site that prides itself in scientific methods, this proves to be a big letdown. Compounded with the fact that your hands up tied when it comes to choosing your own preference, it can be very disappointing.

No site should be demonized if a user ends up with a stalker. However, the site’s response to such a case is quite a different matter. One user on eharmony complained about ending up with a stalker who caused her to move houses, change telephone numbers and make several distress calls to the police. Despite her troubles, the stalker still had his profile on the site intact even after her complaints to eharmony.

Many dissatisfied users on match.com could benefit from developing better profiles. Having a better profile on match.com enables you to get noticed and contacted by potential mates. Due to little interaction, this is not the case on eharmony. Other sites like harmonica and chemistry score better for this reason. Sites like OkCupid which is a free site and yahoo personals may also have an advantage over eHarmony in this respect. Because of its larger pool match.com still emerges on top of other notable sites like nerve.com which gives free services for users that post photos.

Although unsubstantiated, there have been some discrimination claims against eharmony. Some candidates have complained that have been denied membership simply because they are not Christians. Well the site is run by Christians and they seem to have their own agenda. In case you plan on registering on eHarmony it could be unwise to portray yourself as an atheist.

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